Environment Protection through Ceramic Application
Together with the whole society, Yunnan Filter Environment Protection Co. Ltd. (Hereinafter FILTER) takes the strong social responsibility for the special treatment of the environment pollution during the process of economic development.
As a regenerative material, the ceramic product plays an important role in the environment protection fields, it can be widely used in polluted air control, water filtration and waste water treatment. FILTER is contributing to protect the environment by offering the unique ceramic materials and technologies.Ceramic technology is creating more environment automobile culture through the solution to the diesel exhaust after-treatment.
Compared with the gasoline engines, advantages of diesel engines are: less consumption of petrol, power efficiency and less CO2 emission, which reduce the diesel engine pollution through the exhaust removal. FILTERí»s DPF and device are one of the best exhaust technologies, applied in diesel cars, emergency generator sets and other diesel engines.