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FILTER has participated in the formulation of the State Environmental Protection Standard£¨HJ 451£­2008£©"Technical requirement for environmental protection product - after-treatment devices for diesel vehicle exhaust".
Patent 1 "Production methods of a kind of metallic catalyst substrate"
Patent 2 "Production of honeycomb ceramic particulate filtration substrate, a particulate filter and a filtration system", ZL 200510010967.9.
International Patent Numbers: PCT/CN2006/002092, Europe patent (EP1925353A), Japan patent (2008-526359£©Korea Patent (10-2008-7005712), America Patent (US12063813)The second invention product has rewarded golden prizes in the 6th International Exhibition of Inventions.
The patent technology has been listed on the "2007 state prevailing environment protection product list" by China National Development and Reform Commission.

Yunnan Filter Environment Protection S.&T. Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter FILTER) is a high-tech environmental protection company and is specialized in diesel exhaust after-treatment and environment pollution control technology. The company offers ceramic technologies and solutions for emissions and pollution control in automobile industry.
Our company is very proud to house experts and managers with overseas experience and offers internationally advanced products such as the diesel particulate filter (DPF) and the exhaust after-treatment with intellectual property rights, FILTER is contributing to protecting the global environment by offering solutions and products for the customers from home and abroad.
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