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Wall flow honeycome ceramic
The exhaust aftertreatment system for emergency generator sets
The exhaust gases aftertreatment system for diesel engines
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Catalytic Converter
The Catalytic Converter is coated with the precious metals. When the exhaust is passing through the catalyst, the accumulated matters such as PM¡¢CO¡¢HC¡¢NOX are changed to clearn air. It can be installed on new engines or used ones.
It can reduce the harmful matters such as particulate matter, CO, HC, NOX, and turn them into nontoxic matters such as CO2, H2O,N2 etc. to release.
The change rates are:
¡ª¡ª PM 85-98%
¡ª¡ª CO 75-90%
¡ª¡ª HC 75-90%
¡ª¡ª NOx 30-40%
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